Things You\’ll Need

  • Balloons

  • Yarn

  • Decorations

... In addition to being fun for kids, balloons make cute centerpieces.

Festive, colorful and decorative are a few words used to describe balloon centerpieces. While many choose to use floral arrangements as centerpieces at events and parties, others call for a more casual look that you can achieve with balloons. At the next party you throw for your child, you can create simple, elegant and exciting balloon centerpieces without the use of helium by simply blowing up a few balloons and putting your creativity on display.

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Step 1

Blow up seven to eight balloons per centerpiece. Use one color or multiple colors; the colors you choose depend on the type of event you are decorating and the color scheme of the event.

Step 2

Tie the ends of seven or eight balloons together with yarn and tie the yarn to a small weight. The weight is hidden beneath the balloons where guests will not be able to see them; even though the balloons don't have helium, the weights will keep the balloons from moving around the table.

Step 3

Place decorative accents in the center of the balloon arrangement. Use standing ribbon decorations or smaller balloons on sticks to place in the center of the centerpiece to pull it together and give it a festive look.


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