Picture rails are a thing of the past, but really they should be installed in every home. You don't have to worry about making holes in walls, and you can change and move your art often with a picture rail system. I love this because I'm always moving my art and pictures from one room to another. We recently bought a 1918 Craftsman home and it came with hardwood floors, beautiful built-ins and picture rails throughout.

If you are living in a home or apartment that has a picture rail, then you are in luck! I've hunted down all the supplies you need to take full advantage of this great hanging system. And if you don't have a picture rail, why not install one for your next gallery wall.

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frame hung on picture rail system picture rail hardware

Here are some great options for the supplies you'll need. And they are all available online, so no running from one hardware store to another with no luck. (Like I did.)

  1. Classic Wood Molding – This is perfect for staining to match existing wood tones in your home.
  2. Painted Wood Molding – White trim and molding is always a classic look.
  3. Craftsman-Style Wood Molding – Straight, clean lines for a no-frills look.
  4. Clear Nylon Wire – Strong yet almost invisible for hanging your pictures.
  5. Metal Wire – This wire will not stretch out and lengthen with time. (This is what I used in my home.)
  6. Gold Cord – A fun way to add a little decorative look to your picture hanging. Can be found in every color possible.
  7. Brass Wire – Because gold tones is always a good idea.
  8. Bronze Hook – Little patterned detail for extra special pieces of art.
  9. Decorated Brass Hook – Shiny and almost a piece of art on it's own.
  10. Satin Chrome Hook – For subtle decorative affect.
  11. Shiny Brass Hook – These are made especially for heavier, bigger pieces. They won't bend with the weight of the picture.
  12. Simple Bronze Hook – If you don't love metallics, this a great option for you.
  13. Standard Brass Hook – These are inexpensive and easy to find.
  14. Chrome D Ring Hangers – For the back of your art, for attaching the wire or cord.
  15. Brass Philips Screwdriver – Because this is the only tool you'll need so make it a stylish brass one.
  16. Brass Hangers – Just one more option for hanging pictures that don't already have rings on the back.

pictures hung on picture rail picture rail

Ready to Hang

OK, this part is easy. There are really only two steps.

Step 1: Attach the Wire

Measure how low you would like the piece to hang and cut the wire to length, with a couple extra inches of length to spare. Attach the wire to the back of the picture by simply twisting the end back on itself. If the frame does not already have D ring hangers, simply screw the hangers into the frame of the piece.

D Ring Hangers

Step 2: Hang the Hook

And as easy as easy can be, simply place the hook on the rail and hang your picture!

picture rail hook


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