Things You\’ll Need

  • Bed skirt

  • Pliable material

  • Pool noodles

  • Large bedspread

... Hiding a steel bed frame gives the room a finished appearance.

A steel bed frame provides strong support for a mattress and might also keep your headboard in place. While this bedroom component is important, it doesn't add much to the room in terms of aesthetic appeal. Instead of leaving the steel bed frame exposed, hide it using one of several possible options.

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Step 1

Cover your steel bed frame with a bed skirt, which drapes downward over the sides and front of the bed frame, in between the box spring and mattress. Remove the mattress and position the bed skirt in place. Put the mattress back on top and make adjustments by tugging on the skirt so it appears even around the edges.

Step 2

Wrap your steel bed frame in some type of pliable material for a distinctive way to hide it. Tie strips of old neck ties together and bind it around the frame. Wrap colorful fleece fabric around the steel frame to soften it and conceal the steel.

Step 3

Cover the bed frame with foam pool noodles in a kid's bedroom to provide a way to hide it as well as protect the young ones from the hard steel. Cut a slit horizontally down the middle that breaks through to the hole in the noodle's center. Slip it directly over the steel frame edge to conceal it.

Step 4

Purchase a comforter or bed spread that's a size bigger than your actual bed. Drape it over your mattress so it hangs over the edges of the steel frame, hiding it.


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