Things You\’ll Need

  • Towel

  • Wide ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Iron

... Folding towels is time-consuming, but can add a decorative accent!

A mark of some hotels is the folding of towels into various shapes, such as bows, flowers, or swans. Folding towels into creative shapes is one way you can add a little something special to your home decor, or to decorate for a special event. It does take a little practice, so be sure to factor in practice time before you need the towels.

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Step 1

Spread the towel out on a flat surface. Fold the towel in half so that the two shorter ends are flush.

Step 2

Iron the folded edge so that it holds the fold. If you're using really thin towels or tea towels, this step can be omitted.

Step 3

Fold the longer sides in towards the middle so that you have a long, flat towel shape.

Step 4

Iron the folded edges again to be sure it keeps its shape.

Step 5

Cut four inches of the wide ribbon (more or less depending on if you are using a towel smaller or larger than standard size).

Step 6

Spread the ribbon out onto the flat surface and carefully flip your folded towel over onto the ribbon so that none of the folded edges are visible.

Step 7

Tie the ribbon around the center of the towel, pulling it tightly so that the towel scrunches up into a bow shape. Tie a bow with the ribbon and slide it to the back of the towel, so that just the flat part of the bow is visible.


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