There is much to love about Dirt Devil bagless and extra light vacuums. Yes, they're bagless and lightweight and they attack dirt like, well, the devil himself. The suction power of Dirt Devils is so great that it makes it easy to tell when the filter needs to be cleaned. In other words, a loss in suction power means that it's probably time to clean and wash the filter. After a few steps, your Dirt Devil will be back in action, doing what it does best: keeping your home free of devilish dirt balls.

Step 1

Turn off the vacuum and unplug it. Move the vacuum close to a garbage can.

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Step 2

Press the button on top of the dirt container lid to raise and remove the container.

Step 3

Remove the filter from inside the container.

Step 4

Tap the filter against the side of the garbage can until all of the loose dust particles fall from the filter. Shake loose any particles from the container in the same manner.

Step 5

Run cold water over the filter, turning the filter so the stream washes away all the dirt particles. Do not use soap, as it could ruin the filter. Do not use brushes or sponges for the same reason.

Step 6

Allow the filter to air dry thoroughly for 24 hours. Install another filter if you must use your Dirt Devil in the meantime.

Step 7

Install the clean filter in the dirt container and then reattach the container to your Dirt Devil.


Replace your Dirt Devil filter at least twice a year, depending on how often you vacuum.

A dirty filter can cause dust particles to settle on the interior components of your Dirt Devil, and over time the motor could die. Motor replacement is costly, and so it is best to avoid these problems by regular cleaning.


Do not use your Dirt Devil without a filter or you might damage the motor.


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