Things You\’ll Need

  • Spray bottle

  • Warm water

  • Baking soda

  • Essential oil of your choice

  • Lemon juice

  • Mason jar with lid, or open bowl

  • Hammer

  • Nail

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. When deciding what kind of air freshener to use in your home, consider baking soda as a natural alternative to aerosol sprays. The chemical-laden sprays can aggravate allergies and contribute to indoor air pollution. Baking soda is safe, natural and non-toxic. It is a cost-effective product that people often keep on hand for baking purposes. Baking soda has a neutral smell, but it can be scented to your liking, using essential oils, if you prefer a scented air freshener.

Making an Air Freshening Spray

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle with 1 to 2 cups of warm water. Use water that is warm to the touch, but not hot.

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Step 2

Add 1/8 cup of baking soda to the water. Close the spray bottle and shake vigorously to help the baking soda dissolve in the water.

Step 3

Open the bottle and add five to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree. Citrus smells also work to remove unwanted odors from the air. If you prefer, add five to 10 drops of lemon juice to the mixture, in addition to or in lieu of essential oils.

Step 4

Close the spray bottle and shake vigorously again for 10 seconds. Spray your homemade natural air freshener into the air as you would with an aerosol spray. Use this spray lightly to freshen the scent of fabrics and upholstery. Shake the mixture before each use.

Diffusing Air Freshener

Step 1

Fill a Mason jar with a lid or an open bowl ΒΌ of the way with baking soda.

Step 2

Add five to 10 drops of lemon juice or your favorite essential oils if you want a scented air freshener.

Step 3

Poke five to seven holes in the lid, depending on the size of the jar, using a nail and hammer. Cover the jar with the lid to prevent spillage. Leave open bowls uncovered, but put them in a place where they won't be tipped over.

Step 4

Place your diffusing air freshener into places where odors lurk, such as under sinks, in closets and behind garbage cans in the home.

Step 5

Shake or stir the mixture gently every few days to mix up the baking soda and enhance the deodorizing quality of your air freshener.


Change and refresh your air fresheners with new baking soda and scents approximately once a month. This will ensure the quality of your air freshener.


Although baking soda is natural and non-toxic, keep sprays and diffusers out of the reach of children and pets. Always label your bottles and jars so they are not mistaken for another product.


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