Remember maps? No, not the app on your phone—those old paper things people used to use to navigate. Odds are, you probably have a bunch lying around from your pre-digital life. Put them to a great new use and double their life span with this easy DIY. Because sometimes, once just isn't enough. With the Citi® Double Cash card, you can earn cash back not once, but twice. Earn 1% when you buy and another 1% when you make a payment towards your purchases — big or small.

DIY Map Coasters

Things You\’ll Need

  • 24-by-24-inch birch plywood board, 1/4 inch thick or another wood board of similar size

  • Miter saw

  • Vintage maps

  • Scissors

  • Tape measure

  • Electric sander or sanding block

  • Mod Podge

  • Sponge brush

  • Spray polyurethane

  • Hot glue gun

  • Twine


Make sure to pick a board that isn't warped so your coasters will lay flat and keep in mind the vintage maps you choose will be the front facing design of your coaster.

Step 1: Measure, Cut and Prep the Wooden Squares

Measure and mark 4-by-4-inch squares on your board and cut them out with a miter saw.

Maps and plywood board


If you don't own a saw, or prefer not to cut the board yourself, most hardware stores will cut them for your free of charge.

Measure and mark Cut board into squares

Lightly sand your square boards with an electric sander or sanding block.

Lightly sand square boards

Step 2: Cut Out and Attach Maps with Mod Podge

Lay your map face down and trace your square board as close to the edges as possible. Cut out the maps so they are exactly the same size as your boards.

Trace wood boards

Spread a layer of Mod Podge on the boards using a sponge brush. Place the maps on top and press into place and smooth out the air bubbles. Let dry.

Spread Mod Podge on boards

Spread another layer of Mod Podge on top of the map. Make sure you cover the edges completely. Let dry.

Attach maps and spread Mod Podge on top

Step 3: Seal the Coasters with Spray Polyurethane

Once the coasters are dry, spray the top with two light coats of polyurethane. Let the polyurethane set between coasts until it's dry to the touch. This will give the coasters a strong finish and keep water from ruining the maps.

Spray on polyurethane Let dry

Step 4: Glue Twine Around the Edges

When the coasters are completely dry, hot glue twine around the edges. Trim any excess twine with scissors. The twine gives these vintage map coasters the perfect touch!

Hot glue gun and twine Hot glue twine around coasters Hot glue twine around coasters Image Credit: DIY Nautical Coasters Trim excess twine Trim excess twine Image Credit: DIY Nautical Coasters

Step 5: Use Your Coasters for Serving Drinks

Enjoy your coasters when serving drinks at your next party or give them away as a house warming or hostess gift. Giving a handmade gift is so special and the possibilities are endless with these nautical drink coasters.

Protect your tables and countertops Give a set as a gift Make your favorite drink and enjoy Use the coasters for your entertaining needs


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