... A rectangle accent pillow is called a breakfast pillow.

Breakfast pillows are decorative throw pillows that typically match the bedding set. Generally rectangular, these little pillows add fluff and character to your bedroom ensemble. These pillows tend to adorn beds in hotels to add a touch of elegance and color contrast to the room. Incorporate your fashion sense with durable fabrics when you choose a breakfast pillow to finalize the decorations in your bedroom.

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Sometimes called boudoir pillows, breakfast pillows are small pillows made with the same or coordinating fabric to match a bedspread or comforter set. Flanged edges, ruffles, beads or tassels may adorn the pillows. You can make your own breakfast pillow to match your decor with a sewing machine, stuffing and fabric you can find in fabric and craft stores.


The standard shape of a breakfast pillow is rectangular. You can find them in several sizes, although the common size measures 12-by-16 inches. Some breakfast pillows may be as large as 16-by-20 inches. You can find breakfast pillows shaped as circles and oblongs.


Placed in front of standard-size decorative pillows covered in shams on a bed, breakfast pillows create depth in the bedding decor. In addition to its decorative purposes, breakfast pillows are practical. The size and stuffing used in these pillows make them suited for lumbar support. Simply place these compact pillows on an armchair to rest against your back.


Some breakfast pillows have removable cases to make laundering simple. If your breakfast pillow does not have a removable case, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for care. Laundering the pillow in the washing machine and dryer may ruin the shape of the pillow. Spray the pillow with a spot- and stain-resistant spray suitable for fabrics to help maintain a pristine appearance.


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