Things You\’ll Need

  • Brushed metallic spray paint

  • Primer

  • Newspaper

  • Screwdrivers

  • Small plastic bags

  • Sharpie

... Brushed nickel can be used to touch up old fixtures.

Aluminum, chrome, stainless-steel and gold fixtures are going out of style quickly. The new popular choice for homeowners and builders is brushed nickel. Replacing all of the hardware and fixtures in your home would be very expensive. Instead, you can change all of the aluminum pieces in your home to look like brushed nickel easily without having to buy new fixtures.

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Step 1

Take a piece of aluminum out of your garage to test the paint. Put a newspaper down so you don't get spray paint on anything. Spray the metal and wait for it to dry. If the paint isn't staying then use a primer first. After you can see the finished result, decide if that is the finished nickel look you want to use in your home.

Step 2

Remove all of the aluminum hardware that you want to have a finished nickel appearance. Be sure to put the screws in small plastic bags that are labeled so there is no confusion when it comes time to put the pieces back on. Spray the fixtures with primer if needed. Wait for the primer to dry.

Step 3

Spray the aluminum pieces with the finished nickel paint and lay the pieces out to dry. Be sure to spray the pieces evenly and don't put them down on the paper in a way that will damage the paint or cause the paint to drip. You may have to hold the piece for a minute after spraying. Paint the screws as well so everything matches.

Step 4

Give the aluminum pieces at least an hour to dry, or follow the directions on the spray paint can. After they are dry you may put them back. Be careful while screwing the pieces back on so you don't scratch the items. .


Don't paint on humid or rainy days.


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