Bring a rustic accent to your home with a faux cotton branch centerpiece. Whether bundled by themselves in a tall vase, arranged with bouquets of fresh-cut wildflowers, or woven into golden stacks of wheat for autumn, they add a natural and earthy element to your floral displays.

Faux cotton branch centerpiece

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Things You\’ll Need

  • Empty egg carton

  • Scissors

  • Brown paint (acrylic, craft or watercolor)

  • Paintbrush

  • Cotton balls

  • Hot glue gun

  • Long, thin branches or sticks


Step 1

Separate the individual egg cups from the carton by cutting them with scissors.

Separate cells

Step 2

Cut four petal-like shapes around the cup. This will form the pod of the cotton boll.

Cut carton into four petas


You can also do this step after painting the carton as the paint makes the fibers softer and easier to cut.

Step 3

Use brown paint to paint the entire boll, inside and out. Here watercolor paint was used, but you can use acrylic or craft paint.

Paint with brown paint


Try mixing various shades of brown to give the cup more depth and dimension.

Step 4

Bend each "petal" of the boll towards the middle and set aside to dry.

Bend in towards middle

Step 5

To make the cotton bolls more realistic, cut some smaller fragments around the petals of the boll.

Cut extra fragments

Step 6

Prepare the cotton by taking two cotton balls and pulling the fibers apart. Combine the two cotton balls to make one large ball.

Cotton balls

Step 7

Hot glue the cotton into the center of the boll.

Hot glue cotton to pod

Step 8

Shape the larger petals on the boll towards the center and the smaller fragments towards the bottom.

Insert into pod

Step 9

Apply hot glue at the bottom of the cotton boll and attach it to the tip of the branch, holding it in place until secure.

Hot glue to branch

Step 10

Continue this process, varying the sizes of the cotton bolls for a more realistic appearance.

Faux cotton branches

These faux cotton branches will add a touch of country-chic charm to your home decor. Gather your branches and insert them into vessel for an easy centerpiece. Alternatively, you can use the branches to make a wreath.

cotton branch centerpiece in middle of dining table Faux coton branch centerpiece closeup


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