Things You\’ll Need

  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • Cushions

  • Sheets

  • Christmas lights or staircase lights

  • Decorative items such as pictures or drawings

... Secret hideaways don\’t have to be outside; you can build one in your closet.

A closet is an excellent place to build a secret hideout or fort simply because it is so out of the way and not easily detected. Secret hideaways are especially fun to build in closets in children's rooms. These closet hideouts can be decorated to suit the child's specific interests. For example, if a young girl likes fairy tales, she can decorate her closet hideout to look like a princess's room high in a tower. If a young boy wants to be an explorer when he grows up, he can decorate his closet hideaway to look like an explorer's cave.

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Step 1

Clear out a sizable portion of your closet. Because you want the hideaway to be secretive, you want to clear out a space near the back of the closet. Remove all hanging clothes, boxes, shoes and any other items to give yourself room to sit comfortably.

Step 2

Bring in extra lighting if the closet light itself is not bright enough. Sometimes, clothing and other closet materials block much of the light from the closet bulb. Hang Christmas lights above the cleared area. You can also purchase staircase lights, which are small, battery-operated plastic lights that are easily attached to the floor or wall.

Step 3

Cover the floor with cushions and blankets. If your closet is carpeted, you might not need blankets because the floor is already soft. However, adding old blankets and cushions (such as unused couch cushions and pillows) to the floor gives you and any guests a comfortable place to sit.

Step 4

Hide the area with hanging clothes or a sheet. One of the most important aspects of a closet hideaway is that it is secret. This means that if someone opens the closet, he should not see the hideout right away. Often, positioning larger hanging clothes in front of the hideout space will be enough the keep the area from view. If it is a larger closet, however, hang one or two old sheets from a pants hanger to serve as a privacy curtain.

Step 5

Decorate your hideout. Decide what theme to use to decorate your secret closet space. If you want to make it a princess' lair, add pictures and drawings from fairy tales, such as castles, knights and princesses. If you want to make your hideout an explorer's den, add old maps, compasses and postcards (or drawings of postcards) from around the world.


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