Things You\’ll Need

  • Pine garland — real or artificial

  • Strings of miniature lights

  • Decorative bows

... Add interest to your home\’s exterior with garland during the Christmas season.

Adding decorative touches to the outside of your home sends a friendly vibe and instantly makes visitors feel welcome. During the holiday season, give the railings on your front porch an overhaul with garland, bows and lights, adding a festive, yet traditional look to cheer up cold winter days and put you and your visitors in the mood to celebrate. Use real or artificial pine garland, strings of miniature lights and bows that suit your preference.

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Step 1

Wrap a string of miniature lights around the real or artificial pine garland. Start by wrapping the end of the string of lights around the end of the garland and continue wrapping until the garland is covered. If the garland is long, add additional strings of lights. If you have excess lights, continue wrapping them around the garland. For a traditional look, choose white lights; for a more festive take on this traditional decoration, opt for multicolored lights.

Step 2

Wrap the lighted garland around the beginning of the porch railing. Insert the garland through each of the slats, wrapping it down the length of the railing.

Step 3

Tie bows around the beginning, middle and end of the banister. Tie the bows to the banister or the slats. Alternatively, you can space the bows along the garland.


Purchase an amount of garland and lights that is double the length of the banister so there is enough length for wrapping. For a decoration that can be reused, opt for artificial garland; for a fresh pine smell, choose real garland.


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